Which part of your computer needs fixing?

We’ve seen a steady increase in the work from home trend. Dependency on technology is now higher than ever. This dependency also means that our computers are vulnerable to damages stemming from overuse. It is therefore necessary for you to find a reliable computer repair service provider. Here at Star Shield, we offer quality computer repair services in Singapore. Our technicians are experienced and skilled. We have 9 conveniently located service booths islandwide, so we are accessible no matter where you are!

If you face some of the following problems, you may want to engage us in our services:

You may require our motherboard repair service if:

  • You are unable to turn on your computer
  • Computer gives off a burning smell
  • Computer has no display
  • Computer suddenly restarts when booting

Star Shield’s hard disk repair service may be useful if your computer:

  • Experiences overheating
  • Is unable to boot
  • Encounters blue screen of death
  • Gives off unusual noises (clicking, grinding etc)

Computer viruses could pose a threat to your computer performance and also security of your information. However, many of us remain oblivious to a virus attack on our computers as the symptoms may be interpreted as part of the computer’s normal functioning.

You may require our virus removal service if:

  • You encounter frequent pop-up windows
  • Your computer is unusually slow
  • Your computer experiences frequent crashes
  • Unknown programs start running when your computer is switched on
  • Your computer password is changed without your authorisation

We fix a variety of computers from brands such as Dell, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and Acer.

However, we recognise that sometimes, a computer issue may involve more than hard disks, motherboard and viruses. Hence, our technicians have been thoroughly prepared to handle many other common computer issues that we face on a daily basis. 

Contact us now @6586 7788 or dm us @starshieldsg.

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