Why purchase Extended Warranty?

Technology is rapidly growing, both in sophistication and cost. Device repairs are getting pricier. Sure, the manufacturer’s warranty can subsidise some of the repair costs. But what happens when the warranty ends? Wouldn’t it be great if your warranty lasted a few more years? Well, at Star Shield, we have just the solution. The Star Shield Extended Warranty covers your devices even after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Our skilled technicians will take care of your device repairs and have them running without a hitch.

When does our extended warranty come in handy?

Star Shield’s extended warranty packages cover the most common device issues you may face. If your devices are beyond repair, we even offer a 1-to-1 exchange service. Besides exchanging your damaged devices, you can also get individual parts of your devices replaced. 

We understand that the services required changes depending on the individual or businesses and hence our warranty comes with two different packages, Premium and Elite. While our Premium warranty package is ideal for general repair services, our Elite plans step it up a notch and includes additional services and benefits. With two different packages to choose from, you can pick the plan that suits your budget and needs. Both our mobile extended warranty and laptop extended warranty are covered under these plans. Click here to view the full range of services available for our extended warranty services.

What about devices other than laptops and mobile phones?

Worry not as our extended warranty covers many other devices as well! From printers to tablets and even household appliances, we have all the

essential devices covered. Click here to view the complete list of devices we cover under extended warranty.

Contact us @6586 7788 or dm us @starshieldsg for purchase of extended warranty in Singapore!

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Premium Plan

Star Shield Premium Plan provides an extensive coverage and full protection against manufacture defects, with an additional Accidental Damage Protection (ADP). This plan can be purchased online. 

Elite Plan

Star Shield Elite Plan is conveniently available for purchase at any Challenger outlet. This plan covers a wide variety of products, from PC/Notebooks, to Smartwatch, and Wireless Earbuds too!