Cracked screen is dangerous

We have our phones with us wherever we go. Accidents are bound to happen and cracking your phone screen is unavoidable. As widely available as screen repairs are, it is important to find a quality repair service that uses quality repair parts in order to prevent your phone screen from cracking again. At Star Shield, our skilled technicians can replace your phone screens with high quality replacements in no time!

Besides phone screen repair, we also provide screen replacements for other devices like desktops, notebooks, and tablets. For desktops and notebooks, we offer LED screen replacements and for smartphones and tablets, we offer LCD/touch screen replacements. Our phone screen repair covers a wide range of phones from iPhones and Samsung phones.

When do you need to get your screens replaced?

  • Glass damages. When only the top layer of your screen is damaged but the display below is still active, your phone is experiencing glass damage. This requires immediate repair as the damaged layer could prick your fingers when you use your touchscreen. Your devices also become more easily susceptible to water damages as water could seep in through the cracks.
  • LCD/LED damages. When LCD/LED damages occur on your device, your device becomes unresponsive to touch and your screen may undergo partial blackouts

Cracked screen repair is also necessary as using a cracked screen leaves your device more permeable to dust, strains your eyes and causes issues with navigation. 

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