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Batteries are the source of energy for our devices which means that the battery needs to be in peak conditions for optimal device performance. What do you do when your device has a poor battery life? Replace your old batteries with a new one! At Star Shield, we offer both laptop battery replacements and smartphone battery replacements. We replace a wide range of device batteries from Samsung phones to iPhones.

How do you know if your device needs battery replacement?

As a rule of thumb, a quickly depleting battery after a complete charge is a strong indicator that your device is in need of a battery replacement. Depending on your device, there may be other indicators you can keep an eye out for. Here are a few examples of the signs you can look out for:

For iPhone:

iPhone models released before 2014 (or using ios 11.2 or older):

  • Having to recharge your battery every few hours despite low usage
  • Your phone switches off when the battery is 10% or higher
  • Your phone only works when plugged onto a power source

Newer iPhone models:

Navigate to settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Look for “Maximum Battery Capacity”. A newly purchased iPhone reads 100 but as you use it frequently, the number reduces. The lower the number, the faster your battery depletes after every charge.

Also, remember to check “peak performance capability”. If it reads “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown” or “your battery’s health is significantly degraded”, it is an indication to consider iPhone battery replacement.

For MacBook:

Hold the Option key and click on the Apple menu.

Click on System Information.

Scroll down to Hardware > Power > Health information

Should the health information indicate that your battery health is normal, it may not require an immediate replacement.

Contact us now at 6586 7788 or dm us @starshieldsg to get your batteries replaced!


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