How to encrypt data?

Data management has become an integral part of many businesses as the amount of data we handle grows over time. One essential aspect of data management is data encryption.

How exactly does data encryption assist you in dealing with data?

  • The right data encryption provides protection that makes it almost impossible for hackers to hack your data
  • Prevents your confidential data from being accessed by your competitors
  • Allows IT departments to ensure compliance. Many companies are bound by rules when it comes to data security. Data encryption allows employees to comply with the rules when it comes to handling data
  • Increased productivity. When data encryption is in place, you can forget about the danger of data breach and focus on the important tasks

At Star Shield, we provide a data encryption service that supports you in achieving all of the above.

Our ESET Endpoint Encryption DESLock + Pro Edition provides:

Complete mobile and laptop security, together with full disk encryption, protection of files, folders, USB flash-drives and email. 

We also provide data recovery in Singapore:

Dealing with massive amounts of data also increases the possibility of data loss. Our technicians are well trained in data recovery*, and can help you recover your lost data should the need arise. Never jump to the conclusion that your precious data is lost forever as we may be able to recover it!

Contact us @6586 7788 or dm us @starshieldsg for more details!

*Data recovery in this case refers to surface level data recovery

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