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We are increasingly dependent on technology for our work. How can we ensure that we remain competent in such a tech-savvy world? By ensuring our devices are up-to-date and free of virus, of course!

For SSD and HDD upgrades in Singapore, our skilled technicians at Star Shield can assist you.

Besides device upgrades, we also offer virus removal services.

How does an SSD upgrade boost your device performance?

  • Faster boot and program load speed
  • Lower energy consumption as compared to HDD
  • Ability to maintain lower temperatures while the system is being used
  • SSDs are also more reliable as they have a lesser rate of failure than HDDs, hence making them ideal for storage of digital files
  • Noise-free
  • Increased durability as SSDs offer shock and vibration resistance

Benefits of an HDD upgrade:

  • Increased space for software, games, videos, photos and other documents
  • Cheaper than an SSD upgrade

Why is virus removal necessary for your device?

Computer viruses could potentially damage programs, delete files, or even reformat your hard drive. They could also direct unwanted traffic to your computers and prevent users from using the internet. Other harmful effects include disruption of system performance and frequent computer crashes.

How can you know if your computer needs our virus clean-up?

The following symptoms may indicate malware on your device:

  • Slow computer performance
  • Erratic computer behaviour
  • Unexplained data loss
  • Frequent computer crashes

In addition to HDD and SSD upgrades, Star Shield also offers RAM upgrades for increased computer speed!

Specific benefits of a RAM upgrade:

  • Faster browsing of the internet as the web browsers load faster after a RAM upgrade
  • Gaming can be smoother with faster response times
  • Networks are enhanced after RAM upgrades, including networks sharing a printer

Interested in an upgrade? Contact us @6586 7788 or dm us @starshieldsg for more details!

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