Beginner’s guide to Budget Gaming PCs

Being new to the PC world can be quite daunting. There are many components of a PC that you’d have to consider when choosing a gaming PC and there’s more limitations when it’s on a budget. Hence, we’ve created this beginner guide to teach you on what you should or should not do when choosing a budget gaming PC. 

1. Consider your Budget

First of all, have you decided on how much you’re going to spend on your gaming pc? If you haven’t, you should begin setting a budget. It helps to determine the level of specifications you’re getting while ensuring you are spending within your limits. The main question is “how much budget is enough?”. To obtain a brand-new entry-level gaming PC (without any peripheral like monitor or keyboard or mouse or other accessories), you’d need at least $600. If you want higher specifications in your PC, you’re looking at prices that are close to $1000 or more. 

2. PC Components: Splurge or not?

Now that you’ve established a budget, it’s time for you to allocate it among the 7 main components of a PC – Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Motherboard, Random Access Memory (RAM), Storage, Power Supply Unit (PSU) and your PC casing. Here’s a guide on where to allocate your gaming PC budget, whether you should splurge or not: 

CPU & CPU – Splurge

You should splurge on both these components as they are the core of your PC gaming experience. Question is which should you splurge more on? Check if your games are CPU or GPU intensive and allocate accordingly. 

CPU intensive: AI and Mechanical Games.  

GPU intensive: Heavy Texture and Graphics Games. 

Motherboard – Splurge Moderately

Motherboards don’t have to be over complicated. Consider things like: Is an overclocking motherboard really necessary if you aren’t planning on doing it? & etc. when selecting. A simple motherboard with basic features that supports your CPU and GPU will suffice. However, you should get a bigger motherboard with more slots if you’re planning on future upgrading.

RAM – Don’t Splurge

Get a compatible and affordable RAM with the highest or suitable speed from trusted brands. Make sure to check the RAM required for your games. Usually, 8GB is adequate but if you’re playing the latest modern game and are willing to spend more, go for 16GB! 

Storage – Don’t Splurge

Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? If you want more bang for buck, go for HDD! HDD maybe slower but it offers more storage space at lower prices. On the other hand, if you prioritize speed and only require small amount of storage, go for a simple and basic SSD to save your money. 

PSU – Splurge Moderately

Don’t skimp on a PSU, it’s a vital part of your PC. When choosing a PSU, spend a little more and make sure it is safe to use by going for brands that have been in the market for years and are trusted by gamers. As for capacity, know that having high amount becomes excessive when it’s not in use, so why waste your money? Go for those with sufficient head room above your PC’s power consumption. What about efficiency? For budget gaming PCs, we’d recommend going with 80plus bronze

Consider this: Is the expensive 80plus gold really required to power your PC?  

Case – Don’t Splurge

The main purpose of a case is to place all your PC components. A plain and simple case works but if you really want it to be aesthetically pleasing and have more budget for it, go ahead! 

3. Our recommendation

Too much information to process? No worries, you can always get a pre-built budget gaming PC. Here’s our Pre-built budget gaming PC which you can get in 2-5 days (subjected to availability) that’s going at promotional price of $699: 

Images are for illustrative proposes

Royal PC

  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200G | 3.6GHz | 4 Cores 4 Threads 
  • Radeon Vega 8 Graphics 
  • Gigabyte B450 AORUS Pro WIFI Motherboard 
  • Intel Dual Band (WIFI + Bluetooth) 
  • AMD stock cooling fan 
  • 250GB 2.5” SATA SSD 
  • 8GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM 
  • Corsair CV550 550Watt 80+ Bronze 
  • Tecware Nexus Air Mesh TG ATX 
  • Microsoft Window 10 Home (Not Activated) 
  • 3 Years Part Warranty* 

                                                                                    SRP: $899 

                                                                            PROMO: $699

If you’re planning to splurge more for a higher end PC, check out our Knight PC! 

Image Credit: Tecware

Knight PC

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G | 3.9GHz | 6 Cores 12 Threads 
  • MSI MAG B550M Mortar WIFI Motherboard 
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth 
  • MSI MAG CORELIQUID 240R Liquid Cooler [2x ARGB fans] 
  • MSI RTX3060Ti Gaming X 8GB OC LHR DDR6 Graphics 
  • Crucial Ballistx 3600Mhz 16GB Kit RGB [8×2] 
  • PCIe GEN3 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD 
  • MSI MPG A650GF-650Watt 80+ Gold 
  • Tecware Forge M ARGB mATX Chassis [4x ARGB fans]  
  • Flex PSU Sleeve Extension (Black/White) 
  • Microsoft Window 10 Home (Not Activated) 
  • 3 Years Part Warranty*

                                                                                     SRP: $3699 

                                                                              PROMO: $2699

Custom PCs are available too! Click here to write in your specifications and get a quotation. 

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