Signs You Need Laptop Battery Replacement

The battery of a laptop is what makes it a laptop; otherwise, it would be a small desktop computer that runs when plugged in. Thus, it has critical importance.

All types of batteries have a certain life, and after that, they wear out and degrade gradually. They do not offer the backup you need. The same is the case with a laptop battery. It has a useful life or the maximum number of charge cycles. Once your battery dies, your laptop becomes a mini desktop computer that can be turned only when plugged in.

Fortunately, you don’t need to get a new laptop if its battery is dead. You can replace its battery as there are replacement batteries available for almost all laptops. You just need a laptop battery replacement service, and your laptop will start performing like a new one.

Everything seems good, but what if the laptop battery stops working suddenly? What if you worked on your laptop last night and found out in the morning that your laptop battery is dead?

In such cases, your plans and routines are disturbed. Therefore, it is better to get a battery replacement service before your battery completely wears out. In this post, we will share some signs that indicate the need for a laptop battery replacement service. We will also share how you can check the battery report and health.

Indicators for Laptop Battery Replacement

1) Doesn’t last long

If your laptop’s battery does not last for the expected time, it is the early sign that indicates you need battery replacement.

Normally, laptop batteries last for 3-4 hours, but some powerful batteries can last more. If the expected backup provided by the laptop battery is four hours, it will reduce along with the life of the battery. It will reduce gradually, and in the end, the battery will last for 30 minutes or less. It clearly indicates you need a replacement battery before your battery dies completely.

When your battery is about to die, it requires frequent charging. You charge it often as it does not last for a long time. When you realize your battery does not last for a long time, you can get it checked. It is better to get the laptop battery replacement service before you get the surprise of the dead battery.

The life of a laptop battery depends on its quality. Typically, laptop batteries last for about 2-4 years, depending on the usage. They can also die in the first year if the quality is poor or they are not used properly.

2) Laptop Starts When Plugged In 

If your laptop is not turning on, it could be because of a dead battery. You can connect your laptop to the battery charger. If your laptop turns on after connecting it to the charger, then there can be two reasons; either your battery is dead or not connected properly. In most cases, your battery is dead.

3) Overheating

Overheating is a sign your battery is about to die. The cells in the battery generate more heat when their expected life is about to end. If you are noticing overheating, check the backup the battery is offering. If the backup is not sufficient, there could be a problem. You can visit a computer repair shop or contact a reliable online laptop repair Singapore service provider.

4) Sudden Shutdown

Sudden shutdowns are a sign that indicates you need a laptop battery replacement. The laptop might shut down without warning. In most cases, it is because your battery does not have enough power to keep your computer working for a long time. It will wear out within a few days, and you will often face sudden shutdowns.

5) Battery Diagnostic Errors

Windows and macOS give a warning when your battery life is about to end. In Windows, you might get a warning during the boot. You will also get warnings while using your laptop. It also runs diagnostic tests to determine faults with the hardware.

macOS also alerts you if you need a laptop battery replacement. It shows you the battery’s condition so that you can act accordingly. If it needs a replacement, you will see the “Replace Soon” message.


How to Check Battery Reports and Cycles?


Windows has a feature that gives a complete battery report. The report shows the battery usage, battery drain graph, usage history, battery capacity history, and battery life estimates. It is better to check the battery reports if you have any of the signs we have discussed. You can also check reports even if you have not gotten any signs. It gives a better idea of the battery performance.

For battery reports, type PowerShell in the search bar. Open it as an administrator. Now, type the following command and hit Enter.

powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery-report.html”

Now, go to the C drive, and you will have the report.


macOS shows you the cycle count. You need to go to the Apple menu> System Information > Hardware > Power. You will see the cycle count there. This cycle count helps you check the remaining life of the battery.

After checking the cycle count, you need to compare it with the maximum cycle count. You can check the maximum cycle count on Apple’s website as there are distinct values for different MacBook models.

If the cycle count is 250 and the maximum cycle count is 1000, it means the battery has lived one-fourth of its life.


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