When Should I Get an iPhone Battery Replacement?

Imagine you have an important meeting, event, meetup, or anything else, and suddenly your iPhone’s battery is dead. Your iPhone will ruin everything because you need it all the time for communication, pictures, sharing, and many other things.

If you don’t want your iPhone battery to be dead suddenly, you should know when to get an iPhone battery replacement. Before it is out of order, you can get it replaced to save yourself from the unexpected death of your iPhone.

In this article, we will discuss when you should get an iPhone battery replacement. We will explain the signs that you need to notice. Moreover, we will also share the best iPhone battery replacement Singapore service so that you can get your iPhone repaired without any hassle.


Know When You Need iPhone Battery Replacement

Battery Health

The best way to keep an eye on the battery is by checking its health. iPhones have a built-in battery health feature that tells you the maximum capacity of the battery and its health. If there is an issue with the battery, you will see messages and prompts there.

According to Apple, the iPhone battery can charge for 500 hundred cycles, and after that, the capacity of the battery is reduced to 80%. Then, the battery starts to die gradually, and it can be dead without any warning. 80% of the battery capacity means that even if your battery is indicated at 100% by your iPhone, it is at 80%.

You can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. There, you can check the battery’s maximum capacity. If it is lower than 80%, your battery life will degrade with time. You should keep in mind that you will need an iPhone battery replacement very soon. But if the capacity is near 50%, it is better to replace the battery before your iPhone is dead.

Moreover, you will also see messages under Peak Performance Capability. If your battery is intact and in good condition, you will see that your battery is supporting the normal peak performance. But if there is an issue, you will see the messages there.


iPhone Turns Off

If your iPhone turns off unexpectedly when it has a remaining battery percentage, it is an indication that your battery is degrading. It happens when your battery cannot support the performance of your device and provide enough power required. Due to lack of power, your device shut down for no visible reason.

If your battery is dying, you will notice sudden shutdowns often, and if it is getting more frequent, you should get an iPhone battery replacement service as soon as possible. Otherwise, the battery will die without any warnings.


Short Battery Life

Once your device is fully charged, it works for an expected time. The users have an idea of how long the battery will last. If the battery life gets too short, it indicates your battery is about to die soon. It usually happens when the battery capacity is almost over and the battery has degraded a lot. At this stage, the battery has undergone a lot more than 500 cycles.

Thus, if you are experiencing a very short battery life, you should get an iPhone battery replacement service as soon as possible.


Low Performance

iPhone’s performance is also affected when the battery life is low. If you are experiencing lags while playing games and using applications, your battery is not in optimal condition. Sudden lags and stuttering indicate the end of your battery’s life.


iPhone Gets Hot

When you charge your iPhone, you notice that it gets a bit hot. It is normal, but if the device gets overheated, it is a sign your iPhone’s battery needs replacement.

When the battery is about to die, it also gets hot during use. You might notice it while using the device. Whenever you notice your iPhone getting hot, the first thing that you should do is check your battery’s health because it will give you a better idea.


Tips for Increasing iPhone’s Battery Life

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind if you want to increase the life of your iPhone’s battery.

  • Always use the official or recommended adapter and cable to charge your device.
  • Do not let the battery discharge completely. Before it gets too low, plug it in.
  • Keep your device at normal temperature and avoid extreme ambient temperatures.
  • Keep an eye on the background activity and minimize it as much as possible.
  • If you are storing your iPhone, store it half-charged.
  • Always remove the case before charging. It is necessary to prevent overheating.
  • Do not plug in and remove your device frequently. After plugging in, let it charge completely.


Get iPhone Battery Replacement Service Singapore—Star Shield

Star Shield is a renowned and the largest network repair service provider in Singapore. We have been serving in the country for about 14 years. To date, we have 10 Star Shield stores and 25 participating Challenger stores at different locations on the island.

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We also offer iPhone battery replacement Singapore services. We replace the batteries of almost all models of iPhones, from iPhone 5 to iPhone 13. The batteries used for the repair are 100% original and new. We also used third-party reliable batteries on the demand of the customers. We also offer a 90-180 days workmanship guarantee, so customers can get the services without any worries.

If your battery is not working as expected or you are experiencing various issues, you can visit our nearest Star Shield store. Our experts will have a look at your iPhone and its battery life using our software. Then, they will recommend the required service. We also offer pickup and drop facilities all over Singapore.

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