Extended Warranty Singapore—All You Need to Know

You might have heard about extended warranty services. If not, then you should know about it because it is a lifesaver. You might have various questions and queries related to the service. Therefore, we are going to discuss everything about extended warranty Singapore. We will clear your doubts and share everything you need to know. Most importantly, we will share an amazing extended warranty Singapore service that you can get for maximum benefits.


What is an Extended Warranty?

When you purchase a new electronic device, you get a warranty that covers different accidental and manufacturer defects. In case there is any problem with the product, you get it repaired or replaced with a new product.

The warranty that you can get from the manufacturer is limited. It could be 1-3 years, depending on the product, but usually, it is one year. Once this warranty expires, any problem with the product is your responsibility; you cannot ask the manufacturer to repair it or claim the warranty. This is where the extended warranty comes into play.

The extended warranty is an additional warranty of your device that you buy from a third party. The service is provided based on the device and plans you select for the warranty. After the expiration of the official warranty, the extended warranty is quite helpful. It covers your device from accidental damage, unexpected breakdown, or theft.

The services offer repairs and replacements when needed. You only need to pay for the subscription cost, and the cost of repair and replacement will be the company’s responsibility.


Laptop Extended Warranty

Laptops are one of the frequently used devices. There are chances of breakdown, failure of internal parts, etc. Therefore, it is better to back your laptop with a reliable laptop extended warranty. It will save you from extra repair and replacement expenses.

Laptop extended warranty covers service labor, replacement of faulty parts, diagnostic service, cleaning service, technical support, exchange in case of beyond repair, etc.

Once your laptop is covered with a laptop extended warranty, you don’t need to worry about it. You will get prior and quick service without hefty charges.


Mobile Extended Warranty

We use mobile phones all day, and there can be unwanted issues without any warning. To deal with these issues, it is necessary to have a mobile extended warranty.

Your mobile screen can be cracked, it might require battery replacement, and there can be any beyond repair issues. All these things are covered by an extended warranty, and it keeps all worries away.

Most importantly, even if your mobile is stolen or there is a flood, you can get a replacement for your lost mobile. This coverage is more than incredible and even much better than the manufacturer’s warranty.


Home Appliances Extended Warranty

Similar to phones and laptops, home applications can also be covered through a reliable home appliances extended warranty. The warranty can cover a wide range of appliances, such as an oven, AC, washing machine, etc.

The warranty covers the repair service, including labor charges. If the fault or issue is beyond repair, you can get a replacement. It also offers power surge protection and replacement in the case of theft and flood. You can also get technical support over a phone call if there is any problem with the appliance.


Star Shield Extended Warranty Singapore

Star Shield offers one of the best extended warranty Singapore. We have been serving in Singapore for over 14 years. Our reliable and trustworthy services are spread all across the island.

To date, we have more than 10 Star Shield stores and 25 participating Challenger stores from which customers can get extended warranty and repair services. We offer laptop extended warranty, mobile extended warranty, and other electronic devices extended warranty as well as home appliances.

For different types of devices, we have three plans available. Let’s have a look at these plans one by one.


1) Premium Plan

The premium plan covers PC, laptops, printers, cameras, routers, smartphones, fitness trackers, headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and LED/LCD displays.

The plan is suitable for all users as we commonly use these devices regularly. The coverage duration of the plan is 24 months, and the customers can claim unlimited times till the coverage value. There are no excess fees for the repair.

We offer parts replacement, service labor, diagnostic services, 1-time ownership transfer, 1-to-1 exchange for beyond repair items, technical support, 1-time cracked screen, power surge protection, and many other benefits.


2) Household Coverage

The household coverage includes many household appliances, such as a deep freezer, AC, oven, dryer, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, fridge, microwaves, and cooking hood & hob.

The coverage is for 24 months, and unlimited claims can be made till coverage value. It also includes all services of repairs and replacement, service labor, and diagnostics.

This is an excellent extended warranty Singapore coverage for home appliances. You can get it and stay worry-free even after the manufacturer’s warranty period.


3) Elite/Demo Extended Warranty

The demo plan is a suitable plan for people who want to try out the service. It is valid for six months and covers laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and monitors.

Replacement of parts and devices is included in the Demo plan. But there is no 1-time cracked screen repair, power surge protection, and 1-time power, theft, and flood replacement.

The elite plan covers a wide range of devices, and its coverage is for 24 months. It covers PCs, smartphones, tablets, printers, cameras, routers, LED screens, speakers, headphones, and earbuds. It also has a 1-time replacement of cracked screens and fire, theft, and flood replacement.

Both plans cover devices and offer unlimited claims till coverage value.


Contact Star Shield Today!

Before buying an extended warranty Singapore plan from Star Shield, read the terms and conditions. Make sure you understand everything about the service. Moreover, read the FAQs to understand how it works.

Undoubtedly, the extended warranty is commendable. It takes away all your worries about repairs and the replacement of electronic devices. For more information and details, visit the nearest Star Shied store or call us at 6586 7788 or email us at [email protected] Our representatives are ready to help you out and answer your queries.

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