Data Encryption Service

Why is Data Encryption essential for your device?

Data Encryption protects you from data breaches.

Data Encryption prevents unauthorised access to your device.

Data Encryption keeps your sensitive data private and confidential.

Data Encryption prevents your data from being misused.

Select your Data Encryption plan

1 Year Subscription

$ 136* U.P $166

3 Year Subscription

$ 156* U.P. $186

ESET Endpoint Encryption DESLock + Pro Edition

  • Installation on Device Storage Drive (e.g. Hard Disk or SSD) ONLY (1 user)
  • Include setup, installation, configuration and processing charges at Star Shield service counters.

How it works

Bring your computer to any Star Shield service counter.


Our skilled technicians will encrypt your device.

Enjoy your fully protected computer!

  • This promotion is available only for Challenger’s Value Club and Star Shield Extended Warranty members only. Non-members will be charged the non-promotional price.
  • Data Encryption software is only available for installation on Windows Home edition. The following is not supported: Apple iOS, Android, and Windows RT.
  • Data Encryption software installation is not covered within our Star Shield Extended Warranty.
  • Star Shield has no access to passwords and is unable to recover passwords relating to the end user’s account.
  • Star Shield is not liable if encrypted content cannot be decrypted due to password loss. It is strongly recommended that the end user keep backups of any content on their own systems.
  • Star Shield may collect certain information that may include Personal Data in order to provide the Service.
  • End user have to acknowledge that by engaging in the Data Encryption service, the files uploaded and/or shared through the service are encrypted by Star Shield before they leave the location.