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Scam Prevention: SMS Sender ID Registration (SSIR)

From 31 January 2023, Star Shield will be adopting the new government Full SSIR Regime to officially register our SMS Sender ID.

The objective of the full SSIR regime is to help combat fake SMS sent by scammers. Official SMS sent out from Star Shield and our related brands will bear the following SMS Sender IDs / Identifiers:

  • Star_Shield
  • iSupport
  • InShield
  • inCall

 With the implementation of the SSIR regime, any SMS received relating to Star Shield matters from an SMS Sender ID / Identifier that is not listed above is not legitimate.

Please call our hotline +65 6586 7788 or email to [email protected] should you require any clarification or assistance.

Why Choose Us?

Founded in 2008, Star Shield is the largest network of Extended Warranty and Repair Service provider in Singapore. Focusing on electronic devices such as desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, printers, cameras, routers, trackers, LCD/LED monitors, we aim to provide quality products and services to consumers so that you can feel assured leaving your electronic devices in our hands. Star Shield is committed to help consumers extend the shelf life of their electronics through our services. Star Shield is also an ISO 9001:2015 and Biz Safe Level 3 certified company.

Excellent Quality

Good Service

Reliability Assured

Largest Network

Extended Warranty

Increase the shelf life of your devices with Star Shield Extended Warranty. We provide extended warranty coverage of up to 5 years. Worry no more!

Repair Services

Facing issues with your devices? Star Shield provide an extensive range of mobile and laptop repair services from battery replacement to mainboard repair. RAM and SSD upgrade available.

Collection Service

Star Shield offers you convenience and wider accessibility for repair drop-off and pick up. There’s no need to travel far to get your devices repaired now.


IsupporT is an on-demand technical support service. We provide remote access technical support for your personal or work-related IT issues.

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