Laptop Battery Replacement—When Should I Change It?

If you keep track of the battery’s health and condition, you will probably know if you need to change the battery. It is quite helpful to know because the info shown would indicate to you when you need to replace the battery before it wears out completely. It would save you from a huge inconvenience and the many problems accompanied with a worn out battery.

In this post, we will discuss the signs that tell you when you need a laptop battery replacement. If you notice any of these things, it might be time to replace your battery.


When Do You Need Laptop Battery Replacement

1) Less Runtime

A laptop battery does not deteriorate all of a sudden. It completes its expected number of charge cycles and deteriorates gradually.

When you purchase a new battery, it offers you the maximum runtime. The runtime decreases slowly as you charge your laptop and thus increases the amount of charge cycles. When the charge cycle is near or passes the maximum number of charge cycles, your laptop’s runtime will worsen.

When you experience a runtime on your laptop that is drastically reduced, it is a clear indication that you need a new laptop battery. Before the battery wears out completely, you should get a laptop battery replacement service from the nearest service provider.


2) Sudden Shutdowns

Sudden shutdowns are a big red flag for a battery’s poor health. It happens when your battery health is poor, and it cannot bear the load of your laptop. In this case, your laptop shuts down without any warning, even if your battery is full.

If you have experienced a sudden shutdown for the first time, you should be prepared to seek a laptop battery replacement. While you will experience more shutdowns as you continue using your old battery, you do have some time before the battery completely wears out but it is best to change your batteries as soon as you can to ensure the best performance.


3) Slow Charging

When the cells in the battery are weakened, they take extra time to charge. It happens because the charge of the battery drains quickly, even during the charging.

When you experience your laptop taking more time to charge, you should understand that your battery is deteriorating. The charging time will increase gradually, and the runtime will decrease.
You can check the battery status as well to get a better idea. Even if your battery is near to its death, it is still usable.


4) Overheating

If your laptop gets overheated while using it, it could be due to the battery. When the battery’s life is about to end, it gets overheated quickly, especially during charging.

Due to frequent charging and discharging, the heat dissipates, and it makes your laptop overheat. Keep in mind that there can be other reasons for overheating as well, but poor battery health is the most likely cause. Thus, it’s a good idea to get your battery checked.

Moreover, you should stop using the laptop and get the battery checked as soon as possible because the problem can worsen if you continue using it.


5) Age

The age of a laptop battery is usually 1-3 years, depending on its quality and usage. The important thing to note is the number of charge cycles because the age of your battery depends on it.

For instance, if the maximum number of charge cycles is 400 cycles, and you only charge your laptop twice a week as you do not use it frequently, then the battery can last 3-4 years. Thus, the main variable is the number of charge cycles.

After purchasing a laptop or battery, you should pay attention to the number of times you charge the laptop every week. It can help you estimate the number of charge cycles per year and give you a better idea of when your battery will wear out.

It is good to get the laptop battery replaced when it has been charged near the maximum number of charge cycles.


6) Battery Replacement Warning

Operating systems, such as Windows, give you a battery replacement warning. The age and health of the battery are calculated, and this helps the computer know your need to replace the battery.

If you see any warning related to a battery replacement, you should get the battery replaced as soon as you can. The warning appears even if the battery is fully charged. Plus, it would also tell you that your computer might shut down suddenly. You will also see a battery service warning in Mac when the battery requires replacement.


7) Battery Report Indications

The best way to keep an eye on the battery’s health, performance, and remaining life is to get a battery report.

Windows gives you a detailed battery report that has almost everything you need to know. You get to know about battery usage, runtime, battery capacity history, battery’s estimated life, and a lot more.
Once you look at the detailed report, you can get an idea of how much time your battery has left and when you need the laptop battery replacement service. You can generate a report by using PowerShell and then entering powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery-report.html” into the console and pressing enter.

On Mac, you can check the battery’s cycle count in the System Information. It indicates the current and the maximum cycle count, so you get a better idea of how much time your battery has before it dies.


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