Extended Warranty Lite Plan

With the Star Shield Extended Warranty, you don’t have to worry about unexpected device breakdowns anymore. We’ve got you covered with repairs or replacements that your devices may require. Our skilled technicians will have your devices up and running in no time.

Our Product Coverage

Our Coverage Benefits

We recognize that different businesses and individuals have different needs. For some, the future is uncertain, and their technology needs could change dramatically, while others are more established and stable. Regardless of where you are at, we can provide a technology solution to meet your needs.

*Standard Extended Warranty has been ceased since May 2021.





Replacement Parts

Service Labour

Diagnostic Service

Cleaning Service

Over the Phone Technical Support

1-Time Cracked Screen Replacement

Digital Warranty Record

Priority Repair

1-to-1 Exchange (Beyond Repair)

Loan Units (Subjected to availability for laptops only)

1-Time Cracked Screen Replacement

1-Time Fire, Theft and Flood Replacement

Power Surge Protection

Number of Time Claimable 1 Unlimited till coverage value
Coverage Value 50% 100%
Excess Fees (per Repair Service) 20% NO Excess*
Coverage Duration 6 Months 12 Months

Loan Unit is only applicable to Notebooks.
Cracked Screen Replacement is only applicable to Notebooks, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Fitness Trackers.
* Excess fee repair applies for Microsoft products (Waive 2021 Jan).

Elite Plan is only available to Challenger ValueClub members for purchase in Challenger stores or Hachi.Tech.

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